Capri Kitchen Nightmares

Capri Kitchen Nightmare 12Capri is a Los Angeles, California restaurant that was featured on the fourth season of Kitchen Nightmares. Stay tuned for the next developments.  I am an owner of a hood cleaning company and can attest to the nightmares we see in kitchens all the time.

Find out what Gordon Ramsay did on The Capri. What has happened since Gordon’s departure from The Capri?

Capri Kitchen Nightmares Episode Recap

Gordon Ramsay visits Capri at Eagle Rock in Los Angeles.

They entertain guests but are so lazy they do very little work and sleep in their cars during service.

Gordon arrives at the restaurant and isn’t impressed by its exterior. The interior is too dark for him.

Jeff greets Jeff and informs him that the restaurant does not open during the day but only opens in the evenings for dinner.

Gordon checks out the dining room as he waits to be served. He is shocked by its filthy appearance with a taped floor and stained booths.

Jim claims he’s responsible for cleaning out the restaurant. But he also admits he hates it, and hasn’t cleaned the place in a long while.

The meatballs have been bought in, and they are microwaved to reheat.

Jim is unable tell Scarpello exactly how old the frozen chicken was.

Gordon discovers pieces of gum sticking to the table. Colleen then informs Gordon that there has never been any cleaning done underneath the tables.

On the way in, you will find rotten veggies, precooked dishes, and a warm condiment in the fridge. It would have been unsafe to serve.

Jim and Jeff get back into the kitchen to prepare the food, but the diners aren’t impressed.

Gordon’s encouragement prompted Jeff to jump into dinner service again and to try to help Jim get the kitchen in order.

Gordon discovers that Gordon’s chicken wasn’t being safely frozen and tells Jim to take it out of the menu.

Instead, he announces to customers that there is no chicken. Many diners then walk out.

Soon Jim and Gordon have an argument. Darian the pizza maker reveals their childish nature and that they will cry if things don’t go their ways.

Customers who were left behind complained that they waited for hours to get served. They then got frustrated and decided to leave.

After the twins clean up, Gordon arrives on time and opens the restaurant to serve lunch. He is assisted by Colleen & Darian.

Jim and Jeff arrive to find a full restaurant. Gordon has already introduced their new lunch menu so they can enjoy it.

He tells his twins that they earned $300. They realize it would be a boost to their income if they could open every day at lunch.

Gordon teaches them how make homemade meatballs. Jim then goes on the street shouting about their meatballs.

Gordon and his crew worked overnight to renovate the restaurant. This transformation is one of its biggest in history.

Capri Kitchen Nightmares Relaunch

Jim is at the counter expediting the kitchen on relaunch night.Capri Kitchen Nightmare 11

Gordon takes them out for a pep-talk, and the kitchen turns it around. Customers love the new food once they have it.

Gordon spoke with the twins once more after the evening’s successful service. He told them they were grateful for his help.

Gordon is surprised to receive a certificate of recognition from the Chamber of Commerce for their meatballs.

Eight months after the program aired on TV, the twins reported to local newspapers that their business had increased by 20%.

Yelp reviews have been mostly positive about the show. The meatballs and pizza were mostly well received, and the twins are a hit with customers.

Comment Section

I had the pleasure of eating at this KN restaurant, out of all the others. They seem to be doing great, despite the poor quality of the food (the pizza was OK but not the best) and the slow service. The Kingston Cafe, located across the street, closed recently, which surprised me considering that it was there before Old Pasadena opened.

Holy macro. The beginning of the episode was the first time that I had expected the restaurant to close. So I went to clarify the situation here. It was amazing to see that they were open. Amazing.

This was my favorite episode out of all KN. I loved the funny characters and the good hearts they displayed. I wished them the greatest success of all owners.

Capri Kitchen Nightmare 10Yes. Yes. God bless Jim, Jeff, and all of you. Hmmm. Quite endearing. It was a nice episode.

This episode is being viewed as I type this. It’s May 20, 2015. I’m also watching it because I’m going to So-Cal for a Disney vacation. I have to find out how far it is from Disney. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum are a must-see when you go to Disney. It was the first thing that came to my mind when I first watched this episode. And they’re actors. Where were they, when Tim Burton remade Alice. They would have made a better movie than CG characters. I loved it. I’m happy to hear that they are open-minded, and they look like decent guys, not arrogant toe rags. Also, I enjoyed the boxing match.

This was one the most memorable episodes of Kitchen Nightmares that I have ever seen. I was actually afraid that they would go back in their old ways (like many of the past episodes on Kitchen Nightmares), but I am truly shocked by how happy they are and how much they took Gordon’s advice. We are proud to be associated with these men, and we wish their continued success. Kitchen Nightmares had one of my favorite turnarounds! We look forward to seeing them in another episode of Kitchen Nightmares!