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dallas rooftop grease containment

Rooftop grease containment is always something you need to deal with sooner rather than later, especially if you're running a commercial cookhouse. Depending on how much time plus resources you invest in containing this grease is what usually differentiates successful businesses from failing businesses. What do I mean? See, grease comes with a lot of issues. The worst scenario being grease is a potential fuel source for a fire. The collection of filth can also cause sewer line obstructions. The EPA estimates that sewers are blocked up to 400,000 times annually with filth being the primary cause. Not cool!

But what about rooftop grease buildup?

See grease is tricky, it tends to creep into places and stick. In fact, it needs some special hands because it's extremely hard to get rid of and because built-in exhaust fans and hood filters prevent the gases produced from fats and oils from flowing into the restaurant they leave one route available for the filth to settle onto. The rooftop. Grease accumulation will not only severely ruin your roof causing seams to give way and holes to be formed on the roof's membrane, which in turn transforms into leaks further damaging the building's structure. Not to mention the environmental aspect, the grease can find its way to the stormwater runoff into lakes and rivers damaging the environment. It's also a fire hazard.

How we will keep your rooftop grease containment in check.

Basically, the best way to control rooftop grease containment is by preventing this filth from ever reaching your roof in the first place. Our experts will install an entire system for you, this system is meant to gather all the filth in one place allowing the water to get separated and flow off, all without ever damaging the roof. This same system will prevent hydrophobic pads from ever forming and storing the grease. Dallas TX Hood Cleaning doesn't want you to worry about grease anymore that's why it has equipped all its staff members with skills and equipment to deal with degreasing before it ever gets out of hand.

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dallas rooftop grease containment
dallas rooftop grease containment