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Oh! then You need an exhaust fan hinge kit for your precious kitchen. This element is a very often overlooked tool that serves some very vital functions. For one the exhaust fan hinge kit will protect the roof from leaks that are caused when you put the fan on the roof, this placement may happen when the system is being repaired or cleaned. It's the exhaust fan hinge kit's job to make sure your roof isn't damaged. The exhaust fan hinge kit also protects the fan wires from getting tangled during repairs or cleaning. I don't need to tell you why tangled wires and electricity are a disaster waiting to happen. If your fan is not hinged serving the equipment becomes tough. You will also have a hard time explaining to inspectors why you haven't hinged. Worst of all the lack of a hinge can cause damage to your kitchen's entire ventilation system.

Maybe you didn't know this, but not having a fitted exhaust fan hinge kit is against the law. Well, kind of. See the NFPA 96 required that each and every one of your exhaust fans has flexible, hinged, and weatherproof electric cables but knowing the exact way to install it can be quite the process.

Oils and grime build up fast in a busy profit-oriented kitchen and as it accumulates the quality of ventilation in the room starts going down. Eventually, you'll need to hire a restaurant cleaning services team to take care of this but see exhaust fan cleaning can be tough because the fans are usually placed at an awkward angle, so if you hire an inexperienced cleaning company they might spray the fan down in an upside-down position which will cause water and debris to interfere with the fans motor and housing components causing you unnecessary loses, a hinge will allow the fan to be turned in a ninety-degree angle which is great for cleaning.

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